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4 Common Errors to Avoid when Designing your Bathroom

A flawless bathroom takes time and planning to be space efficient, perfectly styled and functioning well. We have put together four common errors that are made when designing a bathroom and how to avoid them. Take a look!

Master Bathroom of HGTV Smart Home 2015 in Austin, Texas

What! No Storage?

There is no such thing as too much storage. Not having storage in a bathroom is a big mistake. Drawers under the vanity, overhead shelving and hidden storage are practical and essential. Plenty of storage helps avoid clutter giving the illusion of space. Consider the following ideas when planning your storage.

  • Provide drawers under vanities instead of cupboards to store small items
  • Provide mirrored wall hung cabinets to hide the essentials
  • Try open shelves. They make things appear more spacious
  • Install storage above head height. Store items you may not use very often in this space

Note: The above image shows open shelf storage that looks good and adds a punch of colour to the bathroom.


That’s a Waste of Space

Big bathrooms are what we dream about, but lets get serious, it is not practical to waste space in 2016. Blocks of land are smaller and building is expensive, so wasted space will cost you money with no real benefit.

So how do we avoid wasted space?

  • Keep things off the ground. Maximise your wall space by using wall mounted vanities, towel ladders and open shelves
  • Don’t leave space between walls and vanities, baths and showers. It wastes space and creates an area for dirt and dust to settle
  • Make sure doors swing against walls to avoid dead space or use cavity siding doors to maximise internal floor area

Note: The towel ladder allows for more towels to hang without clutter from shower screens or doors. Neat, clean and practical.


The Big Squeeze

If you don’t have the space don’t try to squeeze it in. The result will be a crammed bathroom that is uncomfortable and inaccessible. Decide what your needs are. Do you need a bath? Do you want a double shower? Think about this and then consider how they fit or don’t fit into your bathroom design. You may need to compromise.

The following can make your bathroom look and feel bigger.

  • Think about colour. White works as an affordable and easy way to make a space look bigger.
  • Mirrors can make a small space double in size.
  • Think about using handle free cabinets
  • Corner showers can work to open up the floor space

Note: The above image shows a combination shower/ bath that can save space.


Not Functioning Well?

Function is often overlooked in favour of styling and design. However, it is something you need to think about when designing your bathroom. Once you move in, these small errors in design can become little annoyances that may have been avoided.

  • Can you reach your towel rail from the shower?
  • Do you need to walk into the shower to turn the tap on?
  • Do the taps sit in the correct position for your baths headrest?
  • Can you reach the toilet roll holder?

Note: The image shows the mixer tap in a position where you can turn on the shower without getting wet.