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5 Benefits Of Single-storey Homes For First Time Buyers

When deciding between a single storey home or double storey home there are many different factors you need to take into account, including the location, local property market and of course your own personal taste.

As experts in working with first home buyers, we have a really good insight as to the benefits of all home types and styles. Below we will outline 5 key benefits that we feel are a big benefit of single storey homes.

Wide Appeal

Single story properties appeal to a wide range of people because of their accessibility advantages. Older people who may find stairs a problem often feel more comfortable having their home on one level, with every room easily reached.

At the other end of the scale, parents with toddlers or small children also prefer to avoid stairs if possible – while security gates can mitigate the risk of a child taking a tumble, a single storey home is looked at favorably as a generally safer option. If you’re look at purchasing your very first home, then chances are little ones might be on the way (or even here), so safety should be a key consideration.

Easier To Maintain

A single storey home also makes general maintenance of the property more convenient, with chores such as cleaning the gutters easy to reach with a ladder. And while potentially having a smaller backyard could be a disadvantage, it does greatly reduce time spent on general upkeep such as mowing lawns and tending a garden.

Strong Investment

Because of the appeal of single storey homes to a wide range of people, they enjoy a high demand which makes them a strong investment – particularly in suburban areas. It’s important to think about which option will hold its value in years to come, and what will be most appealing to you and your family (as well as potential buyers) in the future.

What’s The Cost?

Cost is also a very important consideration when deciding whether to build a single or double storey home. On average a four bedroom, two living room single storey property can be between $20,000 and $50,000 cheaper than a comparable design that’s double-storied. This means that if upgrades such as marble bench tops and European fittings are important to you then it could make sense to save money for those things by sticking to a single storey design.

Floorplan Factors

Stairwells can take up valuable space which could be utilised in a myriad of different ways, and in some cases sweeping staircases actually result in the house having a smaller living area. On the other hand, a well-designed single storey home floor plan can give the impression that the home is more open, with large entrances and wide corridors.

Another inherent double storey design factor to take into account is that there’s a possibility sound may travel between floors – For example, if a bedroom is directly over a living area where someone is watching TV the sound may make it harder to fall asleep.

In conclusion, deciding between a single or double storey home is a personal decision and only you know which unique factors you need to take into account when making the final call.

By learning all of the advantages and disadvantages of each option you can equip yourself with the knowledge to ensure you are getting the best possible result for you and your family, now and for years to come.