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5 design ideas to consider for your Master Suite


The Master Suite can be a sanctuary, an escape from the kids, or a place you can kick back and relax. However, there are many options when it comes to these rooms, and it is important to design your Master Suite to be a functional and usable space, as well as a stylish one. We take a look at 5 ideas that you may want to consider before designing your Master Suite.

Door or no door

Consider if you want a door between your bedroom and ensuite. To have no door is common in new homes. It allows a continuous flow from the bedroom to ensuite to robe, which creates an organic feel to the space. However, if you prefer privacy, or you and your partner wake up at different times, you may want a door to reduce noise and light from entering the bedroom.

Robe location

Position your robe in a way that it is most convenient for you.

  • A walk through robe, can be located behind the rear wall of the bedroom with access from either side to save space
  • A robe positioned between the bedroom and ensuite works well as a transitioning room
  • Locating the robe next to the ensuite allows it to be separated if you are concerned about the damp to your clothing

Separate the WC

Decide if you want a separate wc to ensuite. You may want to combine the two rooms if you have limited space or a limited budget. However, if you have space to play with, you may decide to separate the rooms for privacy or aesthetics.

Note: If you have no door from the ensuite to the bedroom in most circumstances you would have a separate wc.

Light it up

Consider the lighting in the rooms, both natural light and unnatural lighting.

You may want the bedroom to be flooded with natural night if you are a morning person, or restricted natural light if you work night shift. If you use the ensuite mirror to apply makeup, you may want a window or artificial light above the vanity. And if you tend to have long or hot showers you may consider a large window for ventilation.

 Note: In a robe situation you may wish to have a window in your robe if it is between the ensuite and bedroom, however consider the amount of light and the damage it can cause to your clothing


Floor to floor

Think about your flooring.

  • Do you want the same floor covering from the bedroom to the walk in robe?
  • A timber floor may look good, but is it comfortable in this space?
  • Will carpet transition well from an ensuite?

It is important to consider functionality verses looks, and then weigh up your options.

The Master Suite offers many combinations and design ideas, and therefore it is important to think about how you wish to use the space. Keep in mind that this room is a space that you can retreat to and relax in, so try to design it to be the most comfortable for you.