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5 tips to a home you won’t grow out of

When designing a home, it is important to think about the future. If you see yourself in the same home for the next five years does it include kids, a pet, or a certain lifestyle? We have put together five tips to ensure you own a home you won’t grow out of any time soon.


How many bedrooms?

Think about how many bedrooms you may need in the future. Will you be having a family, or adding to your family? Do you often have guests that stay over, and need a guest room? These simple issues are handy to think about as they are much more expensive to change once the house is built.

Location, location, location.

Location is important. It doesn’t necessarily mean how close you are to the city centre. Location can refer to the proximity to local shops, train stations or the school your kids are attending. Having such things in walking distance can make a huge difference to effectively using your time, and adds to the ease of school care.


Outdoor space!

The size of your house is determined by the amount of space you need to suit your lifestyle, but the backyard can sometimes be forgotten. It is wise to determine how much space you need in your backyard.

Consider the following:

  • Will you be getting a dog
  • Do you need space for a kids play set
  • Will you eventually want to install a pool

You may find that now-a-days house and land blocks are not large enough to accommodate all your needs, and therefore you may need to look at other solutions and compromise.

Lifestyle luxuries

You may lead a lifestyle that requires you to be close to certain luxuries. Perhaps you work from a home office, and wish to live in walking distance to a café strip. You may want to live close to the beach. Having a gym nearby may be a must. You might wish to compromise on these luxuries, yet if they are important to your lifestyle it is best to address them early. You don’t want to build your dream home and realise it does not provide you with any of these options.

Plenty of guests?

Do you want to host BBQ’s and dinners? Do you wish to entertain often? In that case you will need the space to do this. You need to consider your indoor entertaining areas just as much as your outdoor space to determine whether you have enough room to entertain guests. This includes ensuring you design the space with your kitchen in mind.