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5 tips to lighting your new home

Lighting is an integral part of the home, yet its design is often overlooked for furniture or colour design. Lighting can make a room look open and spacious, it can create a mood, or build the perfect light for working areas. We have put together a few tips to get the lighting to your new home just right.


Varying of lighting in the kitchen

The kitchen is a great area for downlights. They create a strong light for working areas, so you can see grease or dirt, and also check if that delicious meal is cooked through. Pendant lights or under cabinet lighting also work well in the kitchen to create focus to a work bench or food preparation area.

Dimmer switches

Dimmers can be used in most spaces, and are very handy in rooms where the need for bright light and low light changes depending on the rooms use. “Dimmer switches are a flexible and practical way to help control how much light is being used, saving energy and helping bulbs last longer,” as Houzz advises.


Ambient lighting with accent lights for the Living room

Ambient lighting in living rooms work best when combined with accent lighting. This includes well positioned pendant lights or lamps. Lamps are a great idea in living areas as they are transportable, and can be removed or moved if you want to change up the layout of the room with minimal cost and effort.


Pendant or direct lighting in bathrooms

Bathrooms are used for multiple purposes. Downlights work well in these areas, although there is a need to think about the lighting in front of the mirror. This is usually a place used for hair, makeup or shaving and good lighting can really make a real difference to the way you use this space. The lights to this area should be placed either side of the mirror according to Houzz. “This allows light to fully illuminate your entire face without casting shadows.”

A lighting expert

It is often a good idea to speak to a lighting or electrical expert when deciding on what lighting you want for your home. Representatives in lighting show rooms and retail outlets have a lot of experience and knowledge when it comes to which lights usage, globes and accent lighting to use in certain rooms.