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6 Kitchen design ideas for 2016

The Kitchen is the focal point of your home, and the most expensive room in the house, so getting the look right is an important step in the design phase.

Keeping on top of the latest trends can ensure that your kitchen will not date quickly and maintain its value. We have come up with 6 kitchen design ideas to incorporate into your new home in 2016.


Mix n’ match cabinetry

Cabinetry does not have to match. The base cabinets can be different from your overheads cabinets and your drawer facings may differ from your swing doors. This creates interest and gives personality to your kitchen.
Note: There is a difference between mix n’ match, and mismatch, so try to keep the styles matching to nail the look.


Mirrors, metallics and high-gloss

Mirrored splashbacks and high gloss surfaces in a wide variety of colours are on trend this year. Similar to mirrored surfaces, high-gloss finishes reflect objects giving the illusion of a bigger space and also create that glamourious feel. Metallics are still going strong in 2016 according to Home Beautiful who state, “Platinum, gold, copper, steel — as long as they’ve got metallic sheen, they go together in our book.”
Note: Make sure you are on top of the cleaning, as finger marks show up easily on all these surfaces.


Simplistic design features

The cluttered or eclectic look is out. Try a slim line and clutter free approach to your kitchen in 2016. Think handle-less cupboards and drawers, thin benchtops, and streamlined designs. Shadow lines will add depth to this look and sophistication to the overall design.
Note: This is a trend that will not date quickly.


Image Credit : Dan Kitchens

Texture on texture design

Materials such as porcelain, brushed metals or natural grain timbers create a texture on texture look. “This tactile trend allows a feature to be made out of unusual textures found in nature”, Smith & Smith Kitchens says. The impact may be subtle in some cases, but it is all about attention to detail.


Smart storage

Think functionality and ease of access. Having limited space doesn’t mean you can’t have a functional kitchen. Using pot drawers instead of cabinet swing doors, or pull-out pantry instead of a standard pantry are becoming the smarter choice due to the convenience and ease of access. Brands such as Hafele, or similar products have a large range of smart storage, that can make almost any space useable.


Shades of back

Black cabinetry, fixtures and appliances are in. Yep. Forget about black making a space seem smaller. Black is giving off an industrial feel without the metallics, and it is has gained its popularity through the European markets. Kitchen designers Vipp state, “Our inspiration is taken from the professional market, where a kitchen is a tool and not a decoration.”
Note: Mixing white or natural colours with black is a great way to soften the heavy feel.