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6 things to do in a sharehouse before you move into your own home

Living in a share house is fine, for a while, but when Jill eats everyone’s food, Rob won’t do the dishes, and Max always forgets to pay his share of the bills, you know its time to buy your own home. That’s right, no more renting. And how would you celebrate this exciting event in your life? Follow us…


Throw a ‘get out of renting’ party

Open the doors, spread the word, and get the people flooding in. Crank the volume until the bass moves the house foundations, and the pictures rattle off the walls (that is if you are allowed to hang pictures in the rental?). But let your neighbours know of course. You don’t want Bill the 6’5” bikie knocking on your door at 3am. (Pic ref.)

Ride your bike through the house

If you haven’t done it yet, riding your bike through a house is a completely liberating feeling. There are obstacles and traps scattered all over the house, and the more you can avoid, the more successful your ride is. Just like an arcade game. But remember these words if you break your housemates expensive wine glasses. “Wow, why would you bring something that expensive into a rental?”


The Mexican stand off

Rob didn’t do the dishes, again. Day by day they are piling up and beyond the sink, balancing on a single spaghetti bowl. Just like any fed up housemate you refuse to clean them. Rob hasn’t lifted a finger since you moved in, but fortunately for you, in a matter of weeks you’ll have a new house to move into.

Play indoor tennis

Everybody loves tennis. Especially when you can play it in the comfort of your own home. I’m sure Roger Federer does. Okay, so you don’t want to damage anything, it’s just a bit of harmless fun, plus you need to do it before you move into your clean neat, ‘no indoor tennis’ house.


Keep a dog when it’s ‘strictly no pets allowed’

“What no dogs? But I just got a new puppy?” Yes, it is breaking the rental rules, but he is so cute. Plus, he needs to be toilet trained before he moves with you into your brand new house. Surely the real estate agent will understand, right? Or perhaps play it safe and wait until you move into your new home.

Replacement housemate

Usually the replacement housemate is the responsibility of the housemate that is moving out. It is important to make sure you get Rob back for not doing the dishes or Jill for eating all your food. Choose wisely, you only have one chance to get back at your housemates. The perfectly selected replacement may just get Rob and Veronica out of renting and into their own house sooner.