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7 ways to a clutter free home in 2016

Is your New Year’s Resolution to get rid of the junk in the ‘spare’ room? Do you spend more time staring at paperwork in the study than filing it? Does your shed look like it has been hit by a missile? It’s time to declutter your home. It is a big chore to sort through years of clutter, that is why we have pulled together some ideas to go from ‘cluttered’ to a ‘clutter free’ home in 2016.


Jars are not just for jam

An organised kitchen doesn’t have to mean expensive storage systems. A handy way to organise your kitchen is to recycle jars and label them. They can also store ladles, wooden spoons, pasta, and give a quirky edge to your kitchen.


Sliding shelves

Sliding shelves are an ideal way to store items practically and at an arm’s length. Labelling the shelves ensure they are easily found, plus you don’t need to rummage through over-crowded drawers to find that new pot or clean tea towel.


Draw bliss

Drawers are a good way to organise most rooms, however sometimes they can get messy. The use of dividers within drawers make an easy to find storage system for all those bits and pieces. This will also keep your drawers clutter free and organised!

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Paperwork heaven

There is no better feeling than having all your paperwork in order. Well, not exactly, but it’s up there. A good filing system needs to be both convenient and effective such as a set of drawer dividers or wire racks. Either way it needs to be clearly labelled and maintained.


Stop hoarding

A major step of being clutter free is to let go. Stop holding onto that Ninja turtle or Barbie doll and focus on the items that you use in your everyday life. If you haven’t used it for the last five years, let’s face it, you don’t need it.


In the zone

Split rooms into zones and focus on each zone individually. It will seem less of a chore and a more efficient way to declutter your home. Plus if you focus on a ‘zone’ you can work out exactly what each room requires for it to be functional.

Garage_Sale_smooth_startMake dosh

Decluttering your home doesn’t mean that you have to throw everything away. This is the ideal time to take the items that are too good for the bin and sell them. This way you can declutter and make a bit of coin on the way.

A clutter free and organised home will not only give you the start you need for 2016, it could give you the motivation you need to tick off all those New Year’s resolutions this year!