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7 winter ideas to warm your home

Winter is here, and as the temperature drops, and the rainy days become more frequent, staying indoors seems like an appealing option. We explore 7 winter ideas to warm your home, and get you through the chilly months.


Warm textures

Knits, thick wools, lush faux fur and layering of materials are on trend this winter. These materials will create a cosy feel to your home and are as easy as adding throws to your beds or pillows to lounge chairs. Try a woven basket in the living room to store extra blankets. It is a cheap and easy way for a stylish yet practical accessory.


Winter colours

The colours you select in your home can make a big difference to the feel of a room. Colours such as “dusty pink, navy, emerald green and metallics are very strong right now,” suggests Jen Bishop, The Design Addict. Mix up the colours this winter and bring the warmth into your home.


Soft lighting

Lighting can change a mood in a room completely. Dim lighting, accent lights and lamps are a good way to get the winter feel started. They create a warm glow rather than a harsh light. Candles can also enhance the winter feel, but try to use a few different sized candles stacked together as a statement piece to a coffee or dining table. Just be sure you blow them out over night!


Heat your home

If you are one of the lucky few to have a real working fireplace or a feature fireplace, light it up and keep it going through winter. It is surprising how a lit fireplace can make a room seem cosier. There are, however plenty of portable heaters that look smart and can keep the warmth in all winter.


Baking goodness

Winter is for sleeping in and staying indoors. Dinner parties are a great way of socialising without leaving your home, and also the perfect time to show off those baking skills. Cook a hearty dish, serve it with a full-bodied red wine, and provide hot chocolate with warm pie by the fireplace for dessert. You can’t get much more wintery then that.


Soft rugs

Rugs can frame a room, distinguish its size and form its shape, however they can also give a warm look to timber or tiled floors. Choose a colour that will match your existing furniture, but be sure to select a thick or fur rug to enhance the winter feel. It is an easy addition to any room.


Ceramics and timbers

Get rid of your glass vases or glass ornaments this winter and replace them with a ceramic or timber. This will break away from the cold, bright look of glass and keep your room feeling warm with natural materials and tones. Try to stick to black, shades of greys or whites to be on trend this season.