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Best fireplace ideas for your new home

What better way to keep you and your family warm through the winter then a fireplace. They range from wood burning, gas or electric fireplaces. Yet other than warmth, fireplaces can act as a decorative piece, a focal point of a room and a place to gather around and entertain. We have come up with a few fireplace ideas for your new home that will keep you warm and your home looking good too.



Double sided fireplaces are primarily used to heat two areas of the home, but they also work to separate the spaces while still creating the illusion that the rooms are connected. It is the perfect solution to a small space.



There is nothing like the crackle and pop of a roaring fire in winter, yet traditional fireplaces are few and far between in new homes. However, if you are longing to re-creating this feel, the atmosphere and mode is a completely unique one.
Note: Check with your council that you can have an open fireplace in your area.



Suspended from the ceiling, these fireplaces form two functions. They keep your home warm and create a featured piece of artwork in your home. They also look damn cool.
Note: Make sure you have the appropriate beams in the ceiling to support the fireplace.



A corner fireplace can be fitted to an external or internal corner wall of your home. They can save on space, create a feature and make the room feel more open. They come in various styles, traditional or modern, all giving the option to design the room without the fireplace encroaching into the floor space.


Feature wall mounted fireplace

The feature wall mounted fireplace is usually centred within a wall, and framed, making it the ‘feature’ of the room. It may take up the entire length of the wall, placed under a television or finished with a sill. It will suit most home designs, and that this why they are one of the most popular fireplace styles.


Floor runner

The floor runner sits at ground level and provides heat along the wall. It not only gives the illusion of a floating wall above, it creates a modern and chic look. This style of fireplace gives a warm glow that reflects off the flooring. They look amazing.