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We realise you may have lots of questions about building a new home, so our blog is where we’ll be helping you with answers to common – and not so common – design and construction queries, providing style inspiration and sharing some of our own favourite spaces. From building advice to design, interiors and styling, we’ve got you covered.

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Five ways to ‘Go Green’ in 2016

To ‘Go Green’ doesn’t mean you have to give up the luxuries of the urban life. In fact, every small change you make can save you money as well a…


7 ways to a clutter free home in 2016

Is your New Year’s Resolution to get rid of the junk in the ‘spare’ room? Do you spend more time staring at paperwork in the study than filing i…


House mate horror: Why you should get out of renting sooner!

It seemed like a great idea to begin with. Sharing a house with like-minded people, moving out of home sooner, and having freedom. Yet sometimes freed…


12 Things To Find Out From Your Builder Before Purchasing a House and Land Package

A high quality home builder will encourage homebuyers to ask plenty of question. To ensure you feel secure, informed and confident about your  builde…


Single Storey Homes: Making the Most of Your Space

Single storey homes are a great investment for first home buyers. They are perfect for the people with young kids and also the elderly as they don’t…


Innovative study nooks

Study nooks comes in various shapes and sizes. They can make use of dead space, wide passages and small rooms, plus create an area to pay bills, study…