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We realise you may have lots of questions about building a new home, so our blog is where we’ll be helping you with answers to common – and not so common – design and construction queries, providing style inspiration and sharing some of our own favourite spaces. From building advice to design, interiors and styling, we’ve got you covered.

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6 reasons why First Home Buyers choose a Keystart Home Loan

Keystart is the go-to lender for many people wanting to build their first home. Here are 6 good reasons why: Generous income limits  Last year Ke…


A simple guide to understanding the First Home Owner Grant & the First Home Owner Rate of Duty.

Mixed feelings of excitement and confusion can often be associated with the experience of owning your first home. If you’re wanting to build new, lo…


House mate horror: Why you should get out of renting sooner!

It seemed like a great idea to begin with. Sharing a house with like-minded people, moving out of home sooner, and having freedom. Yet sometimes freed…


Hot Topic: How to Get the Right House & Land Package for Your Dream Home

Whether you are a first home buyer or an existing property owner, house and land packages are an appealing way of building a new home. Luckily for you…


5 Tips to Building your First Home on a Budget

Did you know that each and every year around 80,000 singles and couples become first home builders in Australia? You probably wouldn’t have thought …


Building futures with First Homes

Whether you’re renting, sharing or living at home with your parents, the chances are you’ve been thinking about getting your own place for a while…