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How to choose the right builder

Building a new home is an exciting time, yet sometimes stressful. That is why choosing the right builder for your new home is very important. You will be spending time and investing energy into the building company that you select, so how do you get it right? We have a few handy tips for you.

Know what you can afford

This is different from knowing what you want. Many people enter the building process with high expectations of what they want, yet when it comes down to the price, they realise it is out of their financial reach. Compile a list of builders from websites, word of mouth and weekend papers that build within your budget. This way you can approach the companies from your list confident that you can afford to build with them and not waste your time, or theirs. It is a good idea to go down and visit a display home if possible as you will get a good feel for the build quality by going through this process.

Do you have a block of land selected?

If you already have a block of land to build your new home on it may narrow down your search. If you are building a home on a battle-axe block, a steep block, or land containing limestone or rock, you should focus on companies that have experience with these sites. For example, if a company primarily builds in urban developments and has little experience with regional areas where rock blasting may be required, a lot of up front site costs may be missed and you could get stung with them later.

Listen to recommendations

The building industry often relies on word of mouth or recommendations, so this is a time where other people’s recommendations pay off. Building a house is a long commitment, and the relationship you have with the builder should be a supportive and trustworthy one. If a building company comes highly recommended by various owners then the company is likely to be producing constantly quality service and work.

Industry experience

Selecting a builder with industry experience plays a big part in gaining and maintaining trust. Having said that, a lot of building companies in Perth are ‘off shoots’ of bigger, more experienced companies. So if a company seems relatively new, it could be a new brand of a long-standing and experienced company trying to change direction at a competitive time in the industry. Doing your research can go a long way in gaining peace of mind during the building process. Moreover many companies tend to specialise in certain designs whether it is two storeys, narrow lot builds or single storey homes, so think about what you want and then look out for a companies experience in that type of build.

Shop around

It may sound a little bit like shopping for clothes, but really, shop around! Why? In an industry that is forever changing and evolving, building companies will be competitive to gain business. Don’t just choose one builder to speak to. If you can, compare a couple of builders, check the price verses the size of the house, and what extra’s they are willing to offer. This way you will have more chance of getting exactly what you want within your price range.