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Creative Storage Ideas

Let’s face it. The modern day backyard is shrinking, and the idea of a backyard shed seems like its wasting the already precious space.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. By making some small adjustments you can cut out the backyard shed. Check out these handy storage ideas!

outdoor bench seat

The outdoor bench seat – The bench seat not only allows you to store tools, paints and toys, but it can also be used as seating while keeping the items out of view.

roof space storage

The roof space storage – The roof space is often a forgotten space. Pull down ladder kits can be a reasonably cheap and an easy way to convert unused space into the ultimate storage area. You will need to confirm weight loads with a builder, but it will allow you to keep those excess items hidden from view.

under bed storage

Under bed storage – When space is so precious, under bed storage ideas such as pull out drawers, lift up beds or even recycled crates, allow you to store your winter clothes, books and paperwork, and maximise the otherwise wasted space under the bed.


The Ceiling bookshelf – In a small area, it is quite common to run out of wall space and thus run low on storage space for the little things, like books and magazines. The ceiling bookshelf is a clever idea that maximises the space between the ceiling and your head clearance. Even if it is a matter of a small book in height, you could potentially save a lot of space at ground level.