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Australian ChristmasYou have a new home and now you’re ready to host your first Christmas. So how do you do that without breaking the bank? Be Christmas ready in a few easy and affordable steps.

christmas-decorationDecorate your new pad

Decorate with Bon-bons, Santa stocking, fairy lights, tinsel, Santa’s hats and wreaths. Re-use decorations from previous years or try buying them at the last minute to catch the sale items. On Christmas day, you can never over do the decorations, especially if you have children. Decorations give your home the festive touch that can turn your new home into a fun space to celebrate Christmas day.

foodEat food

Food is obviously the best part of Christmas, but it is not cheap to feed twenty-odd hungry mouths. If you make a list you can track what to buy and stop yourself from buying too much food. You can also start buying the pantry items early so it isn’t such a large quantity to buy all at once when Christmas arrives. If someone offers to contribute, take them up on the offer. It will save you time as well as money.

eggnogDrink drinks

A never-ending supply of drinks always makes for an enjoyable Christmas day. Most bottle shops have specials leading up to Christmas so if you buy in bulk you can save, but remember make sure you have enough. You don’t want to have to drive to a bottle shop on Christmas day.

Try this egg nog recipe for a delicious festive drink.

treeThe Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is the pinnacle of Christmas day, and a Christmas tree used as a centre piece within the house not only looks amazing but can also be the most significant part of the decorating. It stores the presents underneath! Making decorations is easy and fun, and can really cut the costs. You may also want each guest to bring a decoration. This can make the tree sentimental and a nice touch to a family Christmas. Don’t forget the star on top!

And be merry

All the hard work is done. Now all you need to do is have a great day. Christmas day doesn’t need to be an expensive day. If you spend it laughing, eating and drinking with loved ones, then the first time hosting Christmas day in your new house will be a successful one.

Merry Christmas from Smooth Start.