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Five ideas for your best mates home

When it comes to building your new home, the house design is the likely starting point. How many bedrooms, how many bathrooms, or which way do you orientate your Alfresco? But what happens when it comes to your dog? We have brainstormed a few design ideas for your best mates home, to go along side your new home.


The dog tipi

The dog tipi takes the standard tipi design and shrinks it to a suitable size for a dog. All you need is some thick material, some lightweight timber and fixings, including rope. It’s an easy fix for Rover’s new indoor home.


The dog mansion

This dog’s house combines all the luxuries of a mansion, in an easy transportable dog kennel. Well, it may be a little bigger than a regular kennel, but it does look mighty fine. Welcome to your new home, Fluffy!


The carpenter’s kennel

The carpenter’s kennel showcases a carpenter’s day at work. The use of the timber shelter and inbuilt stainless steel bowls at standing height creates a kennel that is both practical and spacious. The perfect kennel for Sampson.


The eco friendly kennel

The eco-friendly kennel is built with recycled timbers and features a roof top garden. The roof top garden not only uses the space to cool down the kennel in summer, it creates a good-looking planter box in your backyard from Fred’s new home.


The trailer park kennel

Having your dog living in a trailer park may not sound inviting, but how about one miniature trailer in your backyard? It is not every dog or owners cup-of-tea but Max might just love it. We know we do!