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Do you often find yourself baffled midway through assembling Ikea Furniture? Are you frequently left with too many nuts and not enough holes? Do you start to sweat before you have even lifted an allen key?

The following are must do’s, before attempting to piece together the impossible Ikea Furniture puzzle!

Have a strong coffee

A strong coffee is essential prior to any Ikea projects.
This will calm your nerves, yet give you the lift you need to get started. It is a long road ahead.


There is nothing worse than squatting, kneeling or sitting over pieces of unassembled furniture for hours. Limber up, so you don’t seize up.

Don’t be fooled, an allen key is not a real tool.

When has one allen key ever been enough to assemble a cupboard, or a bed?

The instructions may say you need nothing more than an allen key, but follow your heart. Go to the shed and grab some real tools.

Take three deep breaths.

You are about to start a job that may take five times longer than the instructions suggest. Expect this, and be ecstatic if you have the furniture together and preforming its task earlier than suggested.