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Living rooms are hard to design, yet if you find a style that’s for you, recreating the look doesn’t need to be costly. It can all be done for a fraction of the designer price, you just need to know what to look for. We can show you how.


The living room pictured above is designed by Sarah Louise from The Style Smith’s. The room is both functional and eclectic, and very much on trend. It is well lit, spacious yet still has a homely feel to it. To recreate the design of this room in an affordable way, we focus on colour and styling.

the_freestanding_floor_lamp_smooth_startThe freestanding floor lamp

We found a statement freestanding floor lamp on tri-pod at Beacon lighting. This item is a similar style and gives the same visual effect as the original but with a smaller price tag.

peugeot_bicycle_paris_vintage_poster_by_jean_caThe framed print

This striking framed print was found online at Cafepress, which suits the style perfectly. However, Op shops and second hand stores often have framed prints that can be picked up for next to nothing. You may need to search around to find exactly what you are looking for though.

The_throw_smooth_startThe throw

Throws are an easy way to create texture (we have here with this pictured throw from target), enhance colour, or add a homely feel to your living area. Be careful when choosing the colours. It’s safe to stick with neutrals, yet if your furniture is already neutral colours don’t be afraid to ‘throw’ in some colour. The same system works with the pillows.

the_coffee_table_smooth_startThe coffee table

The coffee tables were found at Ikea, and although they slight differ in shape and style from the original piece, they fit with the original design style guide. They also create an interesting focal point for the room.


The flowers and vase

This styling item is versatile and can be chopped and changed often to accent colours and brighten up the room. It can be as cheap and easy as recycled glass bottles or jars with some flowers from the garden.

the_rug_smooth_startThe rug

Rugs can bring an instant visual warmth to a room, yet the size of the rug is very important. The rug cannot be too big or too small, as it throws off the balance of the room. We found this rug in Ikea and its colours and shape compliment the other items in the design.

When styling your living area, keep in mind the atmosphere you want to create and take your time to shop around to avoid paying too much. If you are looking to buy a new home, speak to the experts at SmoothStart homes, to get you into a new home and start designing sooner.