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The Kitchen is the most expensive room in the house to build, so the design often comes down to affordability. Yet what if styling your Kitchen could create a designer look without spending a small fortune? We can show you how.


Dee and Darren’s Kitchen styling from The block triple threat 2015 is an example of how to use Kitchen trends in your new home without blowing the budget. It is a matter of styling.

This kitchen strikes a balance between sleek and functional. The white cabinets and overhead cupboards create a clean and modern look, yet this is only the canvas for the styling. The pendant lights are used to not only light the island bench but also create a focal point. The timber of the chopping boards and stools warms the room and this is reflected with the pot plant’s greenery. Yet the dark and glitzy splashback is the only contrast to this drawing in with the appliances.

We have found matches for these items so you can recreate this look in your own Kitchen.


lighting_pendant_smooth_startThe pendant light

These statement pendant lights can be found at Ikea and are a similar style and hanging length to create the same look.


pot_smooth_startThe plants

The ferns bring colour to the kitchen. We found a concrete pot at K-mart with natural colours to compliment the timbers.

replica_deja-vu_counter_stool_smooth_startThe timber stools

The timber stools work with the natural feel colours. We found this stool online at Replica Furniture for an affordable price.

clark_sink_smooth_startThe undermount sink

Undermount sinks create a continuous flow of bench top, easy to clean and are sleek. This sink style can be found at Clark sinks.

chopping_board_smooth_startThe timber chopping boards

The chopping board continues the natural feel to the kitchen. Ikea stock a large range of affordable chopping boards.




The splashback

The splashback tile breaks up the neutrals and adds depth to the kitchen. We found a mosaic tile with a matt finish that creates the same look from Crosby tiles infinity series.

When styling your new Kitchen keep in mind colours and the overall feel you want to create. Make sure you shop around, this way you can have a stylish Kitchen and avoid the hefty price tag.

If you are interested in getting into your own home, go to the Smooth Start website and our team can help you get into your new home, and new kitchen, and start styling sooner.