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Go Green!

Are you looking for a way to save money in the yard, long or short term?

There are plenty of ways you can turn a high maintenance garden into a low maintenance and low water consumption garden.

We have come up with some great ideas to turn your green thumb into a sustainable one.


Growing your own vegetables has never been so easy. With a combination of effort and smart gardening you could be pulling your carrots and tomatoes from your backyard in no time. This, of course, is a money saver, and guarantees vegetables that are not full of pesticides or have been frozen to preserve freshness.


The vertical herb garden will save you space and will allow you to have fresh herbs at your fingertips. Imagine parsley to top your pasta, or coriander for your curry, ready to pick from your backyard. A vertical herb garden can be used as a feature on a blank wall or a small stack of herbs in your kitchen.


The purchase of a lemon or lime tree may be a small outlay, but having a citrus tree in your backyard can pay dividends in the long run. Being able to pick a lemon or lime fresh from your garden, is a great feeling, a whole lot cheaper than the supermarket and is also a step towards sustainable living.


Are you after a trendy plant that needs no water? Even if you are missing your green thumb, a cactus is a plant that is low maintenance and low on water consumption. Plus they have the added bonus of looking great all year round.


Recycle, recycle, recycle! There are plenty of recycling ideas such as old railway sleepers to edge a garden bed, old bricks can be picked up cheaply to paved small areas and old watering cans or wheelbarrows for potting plants. These quirky cheap alternatives can both save you money and add character to your yard.

Not only will these helpful hints save you money in the short term, they will help conserve water in the long run, allowing you to spend your hard earned cash on something else.