If you’ve been renting, living with family or sharing a house with mates, chances are you’ve been thinking about getting into your own home for some time. So what’s been holding you back? First home buyers are often unable to save the hefty deposits required by banks. At SmoothStart, we’re here to help make your dreams of homeownership come true, no matter your financial situation.

Do you have little to no deposit saved for your first home?

You may still be able to get a home loan. Yes, you read that correctly!

At SmoothStart, we work with a network of experienced first home finance brokers who can access a range of options designed to get you into your own home sooner than you ever thought possible.

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Low Deposit Home Loans

We all know that it’s saving for that initial deposit that makes it so difficult for first home buyers to make the first step towards purchasing a property. So while having little savings is not widely considered a positive for a lot of home loan products, there are still options available to you. If you’re currently renting, there may be a low savings home loan in the market at the moment that you may be eligible for, and we can help you find it. At the same time, our network of home loan brokers can assist you in saving the money that you need for your first home loan.

There are plenty of home loan options available for home buyers who have little savings, as well as plans that our network of finance brokers can assist you in developing that will help you save the money you need for a low deposit. Tell us about your unique situation by submitting an online enquiry today, or give us a call on 9202 9292.