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SmoothStart (Perth) has now changed its name to SOMO – it’s short for Space of My Own. SOMO helps first homebuyers and people re-entering the property market get into brand new, affordable homes. And with SOMO’s new range of apartments and villas on the menu, you’ll be one step closer to owning a space of your own!

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If you’ve been renting, living with family or sharing a house with mates, chances are you’ve been thinking about getting into your own home for some time. So what’s been holding you back? First home buyers are often unable to save the hefty deposits required by banks and most young people have had some trouble with keeping their credit cards in check.

No Savings?

Imagine getting a bank loan without no savings? Yes, you read that correctly!

At SmoothStart we work with a network of experience first home finance brokers who can access a range of options designed to get you into your own home. If you’re currently renting you may even be eligible for a low or no savings home loan so you could get into your own home quicker than you thought.

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Poor Credit Rating?

Still paying off your HECS debt? Or did your shoe fetish result in a few late repayments on the credit card?

Getting a home loan is difficult enough without the major banks putting you through the wringer. Unfortunately, they will always look at your credit history and rating when deciding whether to approve your home loan application. Getting a grasp of your financial situation can be overwhelming at times. This is where we step in.

We understand that getting a home loan can be difficult and getting a grasp of your financial situation can be overwhelming at times. This is where our network of experienced first home finance brokers can help. If you have a poor credit rating they can even work with you on strategies to overcome this.

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