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House mate horror: Why you should get out of renting sooner!

It seemed like a great idea to begin with. Sharing a house with like-minded people, moving out of home sooner, and having freedom. Yet sometimes freedom comes at a price. Across our fine city horror housemates frequently show up in share houses and wreak terror on the lives of young Australians looking for a home to call their own. We share with you five breeds of housemates, and how you can identify them.

The Bossy housemate

There is always someone in a share house that needs to take control. They may begin with insuring all bills are paid, or making sure a certain level of cleanliness is kept. Yet overtime, this is the person that is flagged to become the bossy housemate. They cause a scene if you don’t stick to the rules, they get upset if they can’t control a household situation, and lets face it, they become the person everyone else loves to complain about.

The Messy housemate

This person is easy to spot from an early stage. They may begin by leaving towels on the ground or unwashed dishes in the sink. It will then include placing their clothes in the washing machine yet never actually turning the machine on, or leaving takeaway in the fridge for weeks after it is out of date. This insensitive type usually never gets along with the bossy housemate.

The Needy housemate

Most people who have ever rented in a share house would recognise the needy housemate. This person likes to share their problems with everyone and anyone who will listen. A household conversation can often start off relatively fun, until the needy housemate shows up and spends the next hour or so talking about their problems. A relatively harmless housemate, yet one that is best to avoid.

The Bestie housemate

You decided it was a good idea to move in with your friend, yet now, someone you caught up with once a month is the only person you really see anymore. The bestie housemate is a trap. Someone that showers you with constant attention you begin to imagine they are the only person worth talking to you in your life. The bestie housemate can often prey on the needy housemate.

The Noisy housemate

It is nice to have a housemate that likes to chat, throws parties and knows how to play an instrument. Yet sometimes, you need quiet time. When parties get out of control, or you hear a drum set start up at 3am on a Wednesday night, it is time to lay down the law for a noisy housemate. Sometimes they see the error of their ways, yet be prepared to ask them to move out. Note: The bossy housemate is usually the person to do this.