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How to choose a floor covering that’s right for you

There are a lot of details to consider when building a new house, and floor covering is one of them. At a time where there are more materials to choose from and a wider variety in every range, selecting floor covering has never been so difficult. So… we have broken it down for you.


Use carpet

Carpet is usually used in bedrooms and theatres. It makes for a warm and comfortable feel to these areas. It tends to be avoided in hallways and living areas due to wear and tear, and discolouration. Be sure to be mindful of manufacturers recommendations to keep your carpet looking its best for longer.


Try laminate

Laminate is an affordable product that is suitable for most areas, excluding wet areas. Its lifespan is usually not as long as other products especially in high trafficable areas such as passageways and kitchens. Be mindful that if laminate is frequently in contact with water, it can damage the product.


Lay timber floorboards

Timber floorboards have always been looked upon as a superior product. The price may be high, yet its lifespan outweighs products such as laminate and carpet. The range of available floorboard colours is extensive, usually on-trend and the product itself is suitable for the traditional joists and stumps or installed directly onto concrete. It has the added bonus of being appropriate in most areas, excluding bathrooms and ensuites.


Easy tiles

Tiles have been a popular product in living areas for many years. They are easy to maintain and have a long lifespan. Tiles are perfect for people who have pets, or young kids to keep the areas clean and looking good. Plus there is a huge range of tiles available to suit any styles and designs. Just remember, the bigger the tile, the less grout you will have to clean.


The shine of polished concrete

Polished concrete is a relatively new product that is suitable in most areas of the house, even the wet areas. However, changes to the texture apply to wet areas to make a non-slip surface. Polished concrete is effective, long lasting and easy to maintain, yet it is expensive and looks best in large floor areas.