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Innovative study nooks

Study nooks comes in various shapes and sizes. They can make use of dead space, wide passages and small rooms, plus create an area to pay bills, study or work, depending on your house and family needs. We have put together a few innovative ideas that will get you thinking about how best introduce a study nook to your home.


The open nook

A large room can be hard to furnish. However, breaking the space into zones can allow you to create a study nook within another room without it feeling odd or disjointed. It’s a practical way to use the space.


The raking nook

Creating a study nook under a raking ceiling can be a creative way to make use of an odd sized space. The built-in cupboard makes the area clean and clear of clutter and conceals a portion of the raking ceiling.


Kitchen nook

The study space is located next to the open kitchen so it is a quick and convenient place to pay bills or download recipes. The study area can also be separated by the sliding door to block out noise.


Built-in nook

The built-in nook, in this case, is fit to the hallway which makes it the perfect spot to make use of space, and is a convenient location for the entire family to use without disturbing sleeping areas. It’s streamline and clutter free.

floating_nook_smooth_startFloating nook

This floating study nook can create a feature to a passage wall, and a space where you can monitor the children, restrict the clutter and control the time spent at the computer. It also looks pretty cool.


Transportable nook

A study nook does not have to have built-in furniture. The wall recess is setup with a table and chair so if the space is required for another purpose, or if you are redecorating, it is at a minimal cost to change.