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Kitchen staples: Which style suits you?

The kitchen is the heart of the home and in recent times it has been designed in such a way as to effortlessly merge into the living areas. Here are four staple kitchen styles that create the platform for any well-functioning kitchen. Which style suits you?


The ‘L’ shape kitchen

The ‘L’ shape kitchen is traditionally an older style of kitchen combining it with a meals area. It uses only two walls and leaves the remaining space for a small dining table or a portable workbench. It is often used in apartments to give the illusion of a large open space.


The Galley Kitchen

The galley kitchen is far less common in recent years due to the Kitchen being the focal point in a house design. This kitchen design does not allow for seating in the kitchen area, yet it is ideal in maximising a small or narrow space. Typically the major appliances should create a triangle from hotplate to sink to fridge which forms a highly functional kitchen.


The ‘U’ shaped kitchen

The ‘U’ shape is practical for a large kitchen, with plenty of kitchen bench space and cupboard space. It makes the most of two or three walls and can create part of a breakfast bar. This design is most often used in large family homes, as it allows the most amount of storage space and meal preparation areas.


The Island Kitchen

The island bench has gained popularity in recent years. It allows access around the kitchen and promotes entertaining and conversation from the kitchen to other areas such as the dining space. It also expands the eating area, creates a new working space and is used as a food prep area.