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The Melbourne Cup is on our doorstep, and as the Jockeys saddle up for the biggest race in the nation, we are getting ready to host the biggest party in the suburb- minus the hefty price tag. We have some Melbourne Cup party ideas that won’t break the bank and could see your new neighbours ditch their party poppers, and trot on over.

Dress to impress

The dress code sets the tone for the decorations and food. It is always a good idea to make it clear to your guests what standard they need to dress to. Have some props on hand for those who don’t dress fancy, plus they can be great photograph accessories.

Tip: You can make your own cardboard cut-outs to save some dosh!

Eat and drink

Champagne, champagne and more champagne but have a few other choices such as beer and non-alcoholic options for those who don’t drink bubbles. If it’s a cocktail event, provide canapés that are easy to eat with one hand. We shouldn’t have an excuse to place our glass of champagne down.

Tip: Select recipes with similar ingredients to cut down on the cost. For example: You can make Potato cakes and use the discarded skins for the Potato skins and dips!

Rock the space you have

Whether you setup your backyard with tables and chairs in the sun, stand around a bar table with stools or inside in the dining room, create an exciting space which matches the theme. Your decorations might vary from the over the top and colourful, to simplistic and elegant. Either way, remember your dress code and set the decorations accordingly.

Tip: You might want to use old jars for flower arrangements or second hand glasses from OP shops to avoid breaking expensive glassware, plus it gives an eclectic charm.

Sweep it

Place an in-house bet. Get the newspaper in the morning so you are organised for the race sweep. Or alternatively download and print it from the website on the day. The bet can be as little as $5 per horse, but it makes the race that much more interesting when someone can walk away with a win.

Tip: Announce when the race is 5 minutes from commencing so everyone is ready to cheer on their horse.

The big race

Broadcast. It is the main event so make sure you have a large television centrally located to the party area. It is vital to the success of the event. Make sure the sound is turned up so everyone can hear the cheers.

Tip: Make sure everyone’s glasses are topped up with champers before the race begins.

Grab your drink and get ready to make some noise for the race that stops the nation!