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SmoothStart (Perth) has now changed its name to SOMO – it’s short for Space of My Own. SOMO helps first homebuyers and people re-entering the property market get into brand new, affordable homes. And with SOMO’s new range of apartments and villas on the menu, you’ll be one step closer to owning a space of your own!

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Are you a first home buyer looking to invest in your first home, but don’t know where to start? With so much information out there for you, it can be a lot to digest. So make sure you’re on top of the facts that matter most when purchasing your new first home in Perth.

Read on to find out the lowdown on what incentives are available for first home buyers in WA, from the recent cut backs on WA’s First Home Owners Grant to the house and land packages that have got everyone talking.

What is the First Home Owner Grant?

The First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) is a one-off payment to help first home buyers enter the property market. Originally established to offset the impact of the then-new GST, the FHOG has now become an important economic stimulus tool to encourage and assist first home buyers to buy or build.

Under the Western Australian Government, the FHOG is available for first home buyers who are buying or building a new home in WA to the value of $750,000. This includes both off-the-plan homes and newly built homes that have not been previously occupied. Stamp duty for first home buyers is also waived in WA.

On 27 December 2016 the WA Government announced a temporary $5,000 boost payment, taking the FHOG from $10,000 to $15,000 until 31 December 2017. However, in May the Government decided to change the deadline for the boost payment until 30 June 2017, cutting off the eligibility period 6 months earlier than planned. Nevertheless, $10,000 towards your first new home? We’ll take it.


Do I Qualify for the First Home Owner Grant?

The FHOG has changed and evolved since it was introduced 16 years ago. A National Government scheme, funded by the States and Territories and administered under their own legislation, the initiative differs from state to state. For example, in WA the following requirements are needed:

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Must be over 18 years or over
  • Must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Must be intending to live in the home for a continuous period of at least six months within 12 months of settlement
  • Must have never owned a residential property in any State or Territory in Australia
  • Must have never received a First Home Buyers Grant from any State or Territory in Australia

Furthermore, to be eligible for the boost, construction must commence within 26 weeks after the date of contract and be completed within 18 months of construction (before 30 June 2019).


What Puts SmoothStart Above the Rest?

At SmoothStart, our commitment to building first homes in Perth and for the wider WA community is unwavering. We are fully equipped to provide quick, single storey homes at a great price that won’t break the bank.

If incentives like the first home buyers grant in WA didn’t make buying and building your first home affordable enough, SmoothStart wants to sweeten the deal with our fantastic value, brand new house and land packages. With a range of homes to suit the needs of your block, budget and family, what’s not to like?

As part of Residential Building WA and the JWH group, SmoothStart build hundreds of homes per year with some of the fastest construction times in the industry today. So if you’re looking for a first home builder you already know and trust, get in touch with the team of passionate and experienced builders at SmoothStart today.