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Outdoor/Indoor living – How to bring your indoor living outdoors

With an endless range of inspirational outdoor living ideas there is no wonder we have become more and more prone to bring the indoors, outdoors. We have put together some of the best outdoor living ideas that effortlessly combine the two states of living.

Inside out Kitchen

Gone are the days of the trusty old BBQ, disposable and set alone at the back of the garden. The outdoor Kitchen has become increasingly attractive for entertaining, and when you can prepare and cook the food whilst still being a part of the atmosphere, we are not at all surprised by its popularity.

Outdoor flames

The outdoor heater provides the warmth and ambience of the inside, outside. It can also work as a focal point for the outdoor space, and set the tone for the design of the outdoor entertaining area. Similarly, the fire pit works in the same way, and is often a cheaper option.

Continuous flooring

Use the same floor material inside and out. It not only blends the indoor to the outdoor, it creates the illusion that the space is bigger by not dictating the parameters of the room by floor cover.

Serve this

The Kitchen servery allows a space to enjoy the outdoors whilst feeling as though it is a part of the kitchen. It also offers a great point for conversation with the host, saves space, whilst creating an extra seated area. It also serves as an easily accessible spot to place platters and dips for guests to graze.

Furniture on the outside

Choose light weight furniture that still has an indoor look with waterproof materials. This makes it easy to move around and allows the furniture to last longer without becoming mouldy. With furniture that looks like indoor furniture, it can create a seamless flow from the two areas.

TREND ALERT: According to alfresco furniture specialists Eco Outdoor, oversized outdoor furniture is on trend, particularly oversized sofas.

The internal alfresco

It is all about light. Creating an outdoor space at the heart of your house not only allows for mixed living areas, it provides extra light in the area without sacrificing living space. This style of outdoor living is perfect for wind prone areas and gives protection on wintry days.

Decorate like you’re indoors

Entertain inside out. There is no need to keep your plastics for the outdoors. With the ever increasing hunger for outdoor living space, you can recreate your indoor dining, outdoors. All you need to do is form an indoor feel of sophistication outdoors by decorating the outdoor dining area to suit.

Sliding outdoors

The use of large sliding doors or bi-fold doors to access outdoor living areas, form a continuous flow from indoor to outdoor. This can increase living space and make the entire area feel spacious and bright.