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Vacant land is constantly changing shape and size, however with Perth suburbs spreading out to the North, South and East home buyers have plenty of options for building their new homes sooner.

We spoke to Terri Gordon, a SmoothStart representative, to get her thoughts on what first home buyers should look for in selecting land in Perth. ”First home buyers should look more at street front blocks in estates because of potential site works blow outs with rear blocks in existing areas,” says Terri.

The potential for a long list of additional costs with subdivided blocks in older suburbs is very common. Issues such as floor levels that are usually governed by the front house or additional stormwater disposal, paving for long driveways to the rear block or the potential for a lot of retaining are all very common causes of cost blow outs. The most in demand areas in the inner suburbs of Perth may be, for most first home buyers, well out of their price range. However, it doesn’t mean that it is unachievable. There is the opportunity to buy a block of land in a new subdivision, create equity on the property over a few years, and move towards the house of your dreams over a period of time.


Terri explains, ”I encourage First home buyers to focus on proximity to work and community infrastructure such as shops, schools and transport links. If they wish to live closer to the city I ask them to consider it as their first home and not their last home, so they can get started in a great area that will still allow them to build capital in their home.”


Low interest rates have given renters, who may have previously viewed buying their own home out of reach, an opportunity to get themselves into the market. The most in demand areas at the moment, as indicated by Terri are in Caversham, Whiteman Park, Hilbert and Piara Waters which all provide an affordable build, close to shops, parks and schools.

Smooth Start has a variety of designs to select from to suit the changing sizes of Perth’s available land. However, it is important to not only consider the block but also ensure that you are building a home that suits your needs as well.

If you would like to speak to someone about building with Smooth Start, call us today on (08) 9202 9292.