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Single Storey Homes: Making the Most of Your Space

Single storey homes are a great investment for first home buyers. They are perfect for the people with young kids and also the elderly as they don’t have to deal with stairs, moreover single storey homes are also more affordable than their double storey counterparts and easier to maintain.

single storey storage

Though single storey homes can be stylish, functional and spacious, many need help organising their clutter. We share 8 storage ideas to keep your belongings out of the way so you have more room to enjoy your home:

Use Slide Out Racks and Shelves

Using anything that can be pulled out and put away is fantastic for maximising the space in your single storey home. Slide out racks and shelving allow your rooms to be functional without crowding them.

Get Mounted Racks, Cabinets and Floating Shelves

Placing storage on the walls help keep things off the floor and gives you easy access to these items and reduces the space used for the storage. A great kitchen based example is having glad wrap, baking paper and tin foil in a compartment mounted on the back of the pantry door.

Buy Hooks

Hooks are fantastic for your single storey home entryway, kitchen, wardrobe and even garage to provide additional yet subtle storage. They are a perfect solution for school back packs, coats, scarves and hats which can often get littered all around a home.

Put Additional Shelving in your Pantry

If your kitchen pantry is a overly cluttered, then additional shelving and partitioning could make all the difference. All your food will be visible and you won’t be risking breaking things whilst rummaging around searching for something. While this is a very simple solution it can greatly improve your time spent while cooking.

Place a Magnetic Strip in your Bathroom

These magnetic strips aren’t reserved for the kitchen and holding your steak knives. They can also be handy in the bathroom to hold your tweezers. Bobby pins and small earrings are incredibly easy to lose but by using a magnetic strip you will be able to keep them all in one place and tell if you are missing some.

Have In-wall Cabinets and Secret Drawers

Sneaky storage such as in-wall cabinets and secret drawers helps to keep things out of the way and out of sight. It is a good idea to place your toilet cleaner and spare toilet paper in an in-cabinet in your bathroom. This will help to keep things clean, visually appealing and also keep things practical as these essential items are close by.

Use Storage Ottomans

Storage ottomans are for the lounge room and bedroom, while also being multi purpose. Not only do they provide you with a place to keep your belongings, they are also very comfortable.

Get Dividers for your Drawers

Most people know that dividers are good for separating kitchenware, stationery and jewellery but they can also be used in normal clothing drawers. Dividers ensure you can find what you are looking for at a glance and prevents drawers from getting too heavy and breaking.

So there you have it-making the most of your single storey home is as simple as using hooks, cabinets and shelves to keep things off the floor and having multipurpose furniture that can either be easily put away or used as storage.