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Six Ways to Jazz up your Hallway

The hallway provides the connection point between the entry and the rest of your home. It is for this reason that this small space should promote your homes personality. However, it is also one of the most difficult areas to design due to the long, and often tight area you have to work with. We take a look at six ways you can jazz up your hallway and create an area worthy to walk through everyday.


Hall Art

Add art to the walls. Nothing jazzes up an empty hallway more than a piece of art work on the wall, or better still, many pieces. The trick is to choose the right art to compliment the style of your home. Simple, yet effective.


A Handy Recess

A wall recess to your hall is a great way to create interest in a dead space and the perfect place to hang a painting. Fitting downlights in the recess can enhance the area, and if the recess is deep enough a vase or ornament can act as a statement piece.


Mirrored Halls

Mirrors make a small area brighter, lighter and bigger. If your hallway is looking a little drab, try adding some mirrors to give it that lift it needs. It can be one large mirror or a series of a smaller, eclectic mix of mirrors.


Shallow Shelving

Shelving is a great way to make use of the space. It not only allows you to give the blank walls character and colour without paint, it can gain you extra space to store books and magazines. Very clever!


Bold Painting

Just because the hallway is a small space, doesn’t mean you have paint it white to make it seem bigger. Giving colour to your hallway, not only brings it to life, it sets the tone that shapes the entire house. A bold statement.


Hang it up

A coat or hat rack is a great way to enter the house. It can be as showy or as understated as you like, plus it brings a certain homely feel to the small space. It is the perfect use to an otherwise wasted area.