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The Backyard House Warming: Five Funky Ideas

In a state such as Western Australia, great weather allows us to spend most of our spare time outdoors.That is why outdoor entertaining is often an important element in a new home design. To take advantage of this, we have come up with a list of outdoor entertaining ideas for your house warming party!

1. The Upside Down Parasols

This idea will shade your guests from the sun, add a festive vibe, and protect your guests in the unlikely case of a light shower. The parasols work well to create pops of colour for an eclectic mix, or use all white for a more elegant finish for a dinner party.

2. The Bonfire

Bonfires are not necessarily only for country towns. Small fire bowls can be used in backyards to keep a party warm, or just for decoration. They bring a certain kind of fuzzy warm feeling to a backyard shin ding!

3. Light Up The Trees

The use of ‘up lights’ or ‘fairy lights’ in trees can take the attention away from the party area and create a space that is elegant. You might want to use colourful lights for a house party, and white lights for a dinner party.

4. The Tipi

The Tipi works to create a chill out space at a party. It can not only offer the separation from the crowd, but also a twist on a traditional backyard party. Plus it can be a great space for the kids to hang out in while the adults mingle.

5. The Outdoor Cinema

This requires a little bit of space but is relatively easy. All you need is a big screen, a projector and a series of fold out chairs, bean bags or old couches to complete the look. This can also work well with just blankets on the grass for a romantic picnic area with candles, cheese and wine.

With spring just around the corner, these outdoor ideas could be just the thing to get your house warming party started.