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Have you ever woken up the day after a Christmas party and thought, “What the heck did I do last night?” Do images of dancing on a table top haunt you? Is there a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach that hints at the fact that you have told someone what you really thought of them? Never fear, last year is forgotten. Now it is time to make right all the wrongs from last year. We have devised a fool-proof survival guide to make it through the Christmas party without the regrets of the forgotten years.

survival-guide-smooth-startDon’t gossip

Or better still, avoid speaking with people that gossip. Remember it’s a trap. No matter how many people you make laugh, gossip is gossip and your words will spread like the plague.

Space your drinks

I know this is a tough one, but drink water between beers to avoid being the first person drunk in the room. If you don’t think you can manage that, follow this rule:

There should be at least one person more drunk than you at all times.

If you stick to this, you’ll be golden.

Avoid people who annoy you

If someone gets on your nerves in the office, it is best to avoid them at the Christmas party. In most cases the feeling will exaggerate with alcohol, not dissipate.

Don’t take on any drinking challenges

This would be a mistake. When the shots come out, disappear. Enough said.

santa-party-smooth-startSmall talk

Make an effort to speak to people you don’t normally speak to. However, try to start conversations that are placid, not ones of religion and politics that may spark a drunken row.

Dress appropriately

The tight mini dress that you wore to your friends Hen’s night or the double pluggers and stubbies look might need a second thought. Think work, class and comfort when you dress for this event.


Don’t to talk about work

Nothing puts more of a bore on a Christmas party than talking to work people about work. It’s tedious and defeats the purpose of winding down and having a good time.

Forget the office, remember the rules, and keep a lid on it… at least until the big boss leaves.

Most importantly have fun, from the Smooth Start team.