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The Perfect Home Office

I used to work from home. I remember being constantly distracted, turning the television on and off, staring into the fridge in the hope that something delicious would be in there, and sitting uncomfortably at a make shift desk.

As working conditions slowly become more flexible, and occupations swing to technology based practices, more and more people are working from their homes. Therefore, it has become increasingly important to have a home which can accommodate this.

Welcome to the Perfect Home Office!

The following points will give you some ideas of what to consider when designing your home office.


Purchase a desk at a comfortable height. It is also important that your chair is adjustable and can slide underneath the desk so you do not have crane your neck forward to see the computer screen or use the keyboard.


Have a decent sized desk to fit everything on it that you are currently working on. Also, selected a desk with drawers for storage space. This will help you be organised and keep the office looking neat and tidy.


Lighting is a crucial part of designing your home office. If light reflects off your computer screen it can cause you to squint your eyes, yet if there is not enough light then it will cause your eyes to strain to read the screen. However, if you are not always looking at a computer screen it is nice to have a window for natural light (with a blind), and you can have the benefit of a view.


If your office has a door it is an added bonus. This allows you to work with minimal distractions, including the constant need to go to the kitchen to look into the fridge for food.

Try to keep it bright and light where you can. Try some fresh flowers or art to lift the mood and make it an enjoyable place to be.

Keep these tips in mind when designing your home office for an enjoyable space to work from.