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It is Christmas in your new home. The television is set up, the DVD player is begging to be used and you have this list; Smooth Start’s top ten Christmas flick list. The best Christmas themed movies to enjoy over the break. Cry, laugh, cringe and be prepared to be scared.


A man that has been raised by elf’s finds out he is not actually an elf and in fact a human. He goes on a quest to find his father, spreading Christmas cheer as he makes his way from the North Pole
to New York City. Pic Source

diehardDie Hard 1

A classic action packed movie that takes place on Christmas Eve, when off-duty Police officer John McClane finds himself fighting terrorists that take over a LA skyscraper and holding everyone hostage. Pic Source

badsantaBad Santa

A department store Santa, Willie, and his elf are professional thieves. When Willie’s plan goes wrong, he shacks up with a senile grandmother and a parentless rich boy who still believes in Santa. Willie steals from them, yet later realises his error. Pic Source

loveactuallyLove Actually

Ten different stories of love play-out in the weeks leading up to Christmas. They intertwine with each other in a messy yet lovable countdown to Christmas. A must-see Christmas rom-com that is set in London. Pic Source

national-lampoons-christmas-vacationNational Lampoons Christmas Vacation

In the third instalment of the Lampoons series, Clark Griswold does all he can to get his entire family involved in a ‘good old-fashioned family Christmas.’ Yet with every Griswold Vacation, things go wrong and it is up to Clark to make them right again. Pic Source

TheFamilyStoneThe Family Stone

A family comes together for the last Christmas they will spend with their ill mother. When the eldest son brings home the woman he wishes to give the family stone to, it sparks a series of allegations, self-discoveries and regrets. Pic Source

aboutaboyAbout a Boy

Will lives a life of luxury isolated from the real world. When Will’s life is interrupted by a dorky boy who needs his help, Will decides that he can use the boy to meet woman. In a series of events, Will learns that he needs people just as much as they need him. Pic Source

Bridget-Jones-Diary copyBridget Jones Diary

A 30-something year old woman who is unlucky in love, drinks too much, and smokes like a chimney, meets a family friend at her parents New Year’s party. She decides things need to change, and she starts writing a diary to keep track of her life. Pic Source


A man buys his son a strange creature called a ‘mogwai’ for a pet, and he must follow certain strict rules to ensure it doesn’t transform into an evil monster. When a rule is broken, Christmas in this small town turns into everyone’s worst nightmare. Pic Source

homealoneHome Alone

A young boy believes his Christmas wish has come true when he is accidently left behind from a family trip to Paris. Kevin is thrilled with his new-found freedom until he realises he must defend his family home from two burglars. Pic Source

This was Smooth Starts top ten Christmas flick list. Let us know if your favourite Christmas movie is on our list.