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Throw a painting party


Your house is finished but you’ve got one big step left. The dreaded painting. If you have decided to do this yourself, the best way to get it done quickly and painlessly is to throw a painting party. If you’ve been fostering great friendships for years, now is your time to cash in.

However, in order to throw a painting party that won’t scare your friends away for good, follow some of these simple rules:

  1. Supply lunch and allocate breaks – Have a BBQ ready to go for lunch time and have regular breaks with snacks and refreshments. You don’t want people left in a room on their own too long. John may become abusive!
  2. Have everything prepared for when your guests arrive – The walls and frames should all be filled, sanded and dry and you should have enough paint, brushes and rollers for everyone. If you leave Jill waiting too long, she might pack up and go home.
  3. Have a clear plan – Allocate rooms to people or divide jobs up into paint type such as ceiling paint, gloss, semi-gloss and wall paint. That way Nicky knows what she is doing, and doesn’t need to swap equipment with her ex-boyfriend Jack.
  4. Give brief instructions on how to paint – For example make sure you ‘cut in’ around skirtings, corners and cornices, then use a roller for the rest of the wall for a professional finish. This way you won’t get angry if Jackie is painting the walls with a small brush.
  5. Provide after work drinks – Your friends are going to need them after how hard you have worked them all day. This is a great opportunity to say thank you for all their hard work, and suss out if you have burnt any bridges.

If you are not happy with the results of the painting party, pay for a professional painter. Just don’t tell your friends!