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Tips for designing the perfect first home

When it comes down to buying an established home verses building your first home, to build more than often wins out. Why? It is the truly aspirational dream to design your own home. Although designing your own home can seem overwhelming, we have a few tips that will get your mind ticking.

Orientate it

Try to orientate your outdoor living and main living areas North. In a Perth summer, the Northern rooms are cooler. In the winter, the north facing rooms are naturally warmer. This is due to the where the sun sits in the sky, and with the correct eave to your home, you can enjoy the benefits of a cleverly orientated room.

Size matters

The size of your rooms are often limited by the size of your block and your budget, yet make it practical. Think about how you will furnish the room and work out the space you need based off that. For example, if you need a queen sized bed and two side tables in a bedroom, calculate the space required, and space to comfortably get out of bed, for your ideal room size.

What’s it worth

More often than not you will eventually sell your home to upgrade or down size depending on your situation. It is important to make your house as marketable as possible. Think about things such as the placement of your house on the block to maximise your backyard, ensuring you have a bath in the bathroom to cater for a family with small children, or plenty of storage space and built in robes.


Usability is often forgotten in a house design. Things like direct access from the garage to the kitchen to bring in the shopping, doors to a theatre to reduce noise, separate toilets from bathrooms for convenience, or a large pantry for food storage. Usability also contributes to resale value.

Don’t go OTT

Sometimes spending money on things such as the finishes doesn’t always pay off. Items such as polished concrete floors, or expensive tapware, may look nice but if you are compromising space to afford fancy finishes, then it may not be worth it. Try to start with the structure and work your way up.