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Halloween is not exactly an Australian tradition, yet more recently Halloween has founds its legs down under. But what if all that junk food is not for you? Whether you are tricking or treating, you might want to ditch the sugar overload this year. Check out some healthier treats for the kids that are going to put some scary stuff in their food and some good stuff in their tummies.

Mini Pumpkins & Holy Ghosts!

Mini Pumpkins- they are pint sized and cute. Use a whole peeled mandarin to act as your pumpkin and a thinly sliced piece of celery for your stalk. Simple, quick and effective!

You can’t have Halloween without ghosts. Cut a banana in half and place chocolate chips in the place of a mouth and two eyes. Easy, no mess, no fuss ghosts!

Dismembered Fingers

Take some Cocktail Frankfurts and cut a section out for the nail, slice the mid-section of the Frankfurt for the knuckle, and cook them for a few minutes in boiling water. They should bend slightly at the knuckle. Meanwhile cut your onions into the shape of finger nails. When the Frankfurts are ready put tomato sauce on the nail bed and press the onion into it. Add some extra tomato sauce at the bottom to indicate the cut off finger. Just the right amount of yuck!

Bloody Band-Aids

Use a cracker that is the approximate size of a Band-Aid or a cracker that you can cut down. Add a small spoonful of cream cheese to the middle and top with jam for the blood effect! A disgusting Band-Aid for the kids to enjoy!

Bad Teeth

Cut an apple into thin slices and spread peanut butter (or a nut-free option of your choice) over one side of each slice of apple. Press mini marshmallows against the peanut butter and place another piece of apple on top to complete the set of bad teeth for the kids to enjoy.

Witches broomsticks

Witches on broomsticks are the heart and soul of Halloween. You can eat the broomsticks this year by following this easy recipe. Use mozzarella cheese sticks, pretzel sticks and fresh chives. Slice the cheese to look like a broom, inset the pretzel stick to the end and wrap the chive around the cheese to finish the broomstick off. You’re ready for take-off!

All these recipes are simple and you can get the entire family involved, for a healthier and scarier Halloween this year.