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Virtual Reality Viewer

I don’t know about you but I had waited patiently for years to test the ‘Hoverboard’ that Marty McFly rode in Back to the Future Two . It finally arrived years after it was promised, but hey, better late than never. So I guess when I had a chance to trial a new invention, I had certain doubts about whether or not I would get what I was promised.  As it turned out, I got more than promised.

Let me introduce the ‘Virtual Reality Viewer’…

The word ‘viewer’ bounced around as my mind drifted directly to the sesame street view finder I had as a kid. Yet when I got my hands on this modern, sleek object, Big Bird was no-where to be seen. This slick invention looks like it belongs in the future and does something no other company has done before.

It gives you the opportunity to look through the lens and be a part of the home, not just view it. In other words, it’s a pocket sized display home.

How the Virtual Reality Viewer works is by producing a series of rendered graphics to display a full 360 degree virtual environment. The images are compiled from the display home of your chosen design and fed to the viewer through a mobile phone, using a phone application. This intuitive way of viewing your plans allows you to stand on your block of land and actually see your home before it is built. It takes the guessing out of building your home and let’s face it, it’s a fun way to do it.

If you want the chance to see what your new home will look like, before the brick and mortar go down, call the folks at Smooth Start for a sneak peak.