Why Build Single Storey

Building a first home is exciting, with so many things to do and so many decisions to be made. From choosing the colours of walls to the style of kitchen cabinetry, each decision is a personal one that requires deliberate consideration so that you end up with the first home that you imagined for yourself.

One of the first and biggest decisions when building a house is whether to build a single storey home or double storey home. If you are having trouble deciding which is best for your lifestyle, we have put together a list of reasons why you should build a single storey home to help you with the decision.


Single storey homes offer first home buyers a considerable amount of flexibility when it comes to designing their home. Single storey homes allow for living spaces that have features such as vaulted ceilings, large windows and skylights, which add the spacious and natural light attributes to a home that many first home buyers seek. With single storey homes there is also the freedom to configure the layout of rooms and living spaces as desired without having to worry about what is going on upstairs and how it will affect the down stairs spaces.


Have to ever tried to paint a stair well? Or to change a blown out light bulb from overhanging staircase lights? Suffice it to say that maintenance is generally easier with a single storey home. With a single storey home, tasks such as the above can be done by yourself but with a double storey, most of the time you will need professional assistance to be able to access areas that need maintenance safely.


Down the line, upgrading your home with outdoor living spaces or patios and decks is generally easier with a single storey design. Adding structural features to a two storey design often requires the involvement of local councils who have the authority to decide whether you can make changes to your home or not.

Energy Efficiency

With a single storey home air conditioning systems typically have one central location, such as the main living space, and all ducted air is connect to and flows between rooms adjoining this space. With double storey homes it is common to have two entire systems, one for each floor, which increase the energy output considerably. Single storey homes are more efficient when it comes to energy consumption.