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Your house is built, now what?

Five ways to design your home’s interior to best fit your personal lifestyle and budget.

1. Simplify your style

It may just be a matter of adding a new colour to a bedroom, or updating pillow covers to the living room couch to add style to your new home. A sprayed Mason jar full of bright flowers or muted with cacti can brighten a white kitchen and is not costly.

2. Don’t do something just because it’s trendy

Think about how you live. Don’t buy a Danish style couch for the lounge room if you use the room to actually lounge in. They are trendy, yet they are small and often not the most practical lounging chair. The same goes for lighting in the bathroom. If you use the vanity to apply makeup, don’t fit a dull lit hanging globe just because it looks good.


3. Use paintings and prints to create bursts of colour and add a personal touch

A framed print (or cluster of prints) are not only on trend, but can also give a snap shot of your own personal style to guests. They also work to draw colours within the room together and eliminate boring white walls. Remember, these do not have to be expensive. Sometimes the most interesting prints are nabbed from an OP shop or garage sale.


4. Copy, copy, copy

There are many options in creating an affordable interior to your home that does not break the bank. Do you like those Fenton and Fenton plant pots, yet can’t get over the price tag? Create your own with a plain pot, stencil and a few cans of spray paint. There are some very handy resources that can show you how to create our own designer items on a budget.

5. The painting trick

Choosing the right paint colour in your house can dramatically alter a room’s mood. Dark colours can often make a small room seem smaller, and a lot of white can create a clinical feel in your home. The trick is to know what mood and style you want to create before choosing a paint colour. Often dark colours can work to an advantage in a bedroom to form a relaxed sanctuary feel and bright colours in a kid’s room can create a lively and fun atmosphere.

These clever hints can help you transform your new Smooth Start home into the home of your dreams whilst sticking to your budget.