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If you’re looking for a wide range of stunning single storey home designs to choose from in the South West, then you’ve come to the right place. At SmoothStart we are dedicated to closing the door on the rent trap and opening the door to homeownership for first home buyers. Forget about living in your childhood home with mum and dad or sharing a living space with housemates, building your first single storey home can be an easy, stress free and enjoyable process.

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Why First Home Buyers Should Build Single Storey

When you’re a first home owner, there are many considerations to be made to ensure you make all the right calls for you, your family and your lifestyle. This is especially true when choosing between a single storey or double storey home.

We understand that when buying your first new home it can be difficult to decide whether a single storey is the right fit for you. At SmoothStart, we aim to make that decision as simple as possible, meaning that you don’t have to wait too long before moving into the home and location you desire.

With benefits including low maintenance, affordable designs, strong investment opportunities and the safety of small children by avoiding large staircases, single storey homes appeal to all. Whether you are a young family, a couple or a single looking to upgrade, or looking for a great investment opportunity, single storey homes make a great first home.

single storey homes perth

Our Range

At SmoothStart, we are known for delivering great single storey home designs at affordable prices. Our expert team of first new home designers have created a wide range of two bedroom, three bedroom, or four bedroom single storey homes.

Our exceptional range of single storey homes are designed to suit the needs and lifestyle of our buyers, with designs boasting a modern and unique style. Have your choice of amazing designs packed with all the features you’ll want and love, including spacious living areas, large bedrooms and outdoor entertaining areas, making our single storey homes the perfect option for those who enjoy entertaining.

Once you’ve chosen your ideal block of land from our large list of popular metropolitan suburbs and your dream design from one of the many stunning new home designs, our team can get started. You can make any additional changes, sign your contract and then our expert team of single storey home builders in the South West can start to build your first new home.

Boasting a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in the construction industry, the team at SmoothStart have fast tracked the building process so that you can start your new life in your brand new one storey home sooner than you thought possible. Get in touch today to talk to our home experts.